PV Solar projects

BNM Technology is in the process of developing a pv solar plant on behalf of Africa Energy Swaziland.

Capacity and Location

The Project has a contracted capacity of 10MWp an aggregate maximum capacity of the inverters of 10,004 KWp and a nameplate capacity equal to 10,000.0 kWp. The site is located on a 23 hectare area at Siphofaneni, in the Lubombo District. The Project is situated on Swazi Nation Land. The site has been secured by way of negotiation between the Chief of the land and the Consortium Pursuant to the Agreement being formally endorsed by the traditional council, the Consortium is granted an irrevocable and exclusive option to use the site for purposes of developing the Project. A PPA has been signed between the Power Utility and Africa Energy Swaziland the owners of the project, financial closure is expected in 6 months’ time.

Grid connection point

A further 23MW pipeline of developed projects remain unbuilt pending finalization of Power Purchase Agreements

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