Technology partnership


BNM Technology is in the process of finalizing a licencing agreement with ARA and CLG for the licencing rights in South Africa to produce the next generation renewable drop-in fuels. The fuel benefits of producing Next Generation Renewable Drop-in Fuels using the Biofuel ISO-CONVERSION.


Feedstock programme:


A national feedstock programme is in progress with land being made available in key provinces for the growth of the oil plants. An area of about 250,000 Ha is currently being arranged to facilitate the construction of a 10,000 barrels per day operation in phases utilizing a modular refinery shown. Oil plant technology partnerships proposed are:

  • Resonance Carinata partnership


    Carinata cultivation


Terviva partnership


Grows in arid conditions


Terviva partnership


Refinery technology partnership proposed:


Refinery technology partnership proposed:

Offtake partnerships are already at preliminary stage with an NDA already signed with a South African Entity representing potential offtakers.

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